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Mandatory Trainings

Office of Justice Programs Financial Management Training I & II

Mandatory training for fiscal personnel responsible for reporting and compliance of grants provided through the Office of Justice Programs. DOJ is offering two grants financial management trainings on this site. Both courses are basic-level grants financial management courses. The topics are broken out into separate modules, with each training course taking as much as 16 - 20 hours to complete.


Office of Justice Programs Civil Rights Training

Mandatory training for fiscal and programmatic personnel responsible for reporting and compliance of grants provided through the Office of Justice Programs. This training provides an overview of discrimination in federally assisted programs and the civil rights laws that the Office for Civil Rights enforces and specific, detailed information for grantees of the U.S. Department of Justice. Training is offered in six video segment, each of which includes a separate self-test. This training is provided every year at the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and is mandatory for all sub-grantee representatives receiving federal funds through the Office of Justice Programs.


Other Federal Trainings & Resources

Legal Requirements Generally Applicable to All DOJ Grants

Each recipient of an OJP grant or cooperative agreement must comply with all federal statutes and regulations applicable to the award, as well as the particular award conditions included in the award document.


Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Webinars

The SAKI TTA program is providing a webinar series to provide guidance on SAK-related issues including inventory, testing, and tracking of SAKs; training to increase effectiveness in addressing the complex issues associated with unsubmitted SAKs; and providing guidance regarding multidisciplinary coordination, investigation, prosecution, and victim advocacy engagement regarding unsubmitted SAKs.


DNA Evidence Backlog Grantee Information

DNA Backlog Reduction Program applicants and grantees are welcome to reach out to NIJ with questions. The Office of Justice Program's Funding Resource Center provides a wealth of information and links.


Prison Rape Elimination Act Grant Essentials

The PREA Resource Center website has an incredible number of resources available free of charge; yet, we understand that this can be overwhelming for those who are new to PREA. Through the website you will find a helpful list of resources that will really get your understanding of the PREA standards and your PREA implementation efforts on the right track.


Center for Task Force Leadership and Integrity

The Center for Task Force Training (CenTF) Program strives to increase the effectiveness of local, state, and tribal law enforcement in the management of multijurisdictional task force operations by helping commanders and other leaders make appropriate decisions regarding the administrative and operational issues that affect multijurisdictional task force operations in today’s world.