Interstate 40 East Bound construction taking place. 

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  3. Interstate 40 East Bound construction taking place. 

Clines Corners, NM – In response to an alarming increase in vehicle crashes, the New Mexico State Police would like to emphasize the importance of caution and responsible driving when traveling in the vicinity of Clines Corners.

 In April 2023, Mountain States construction company began resurfacing projects on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 at mile marker 236. The New Mexico State Police has seen 18 vehicle crashes during this period, tragically resulting in 4 fatalities. Excessive speed and following too closely are contributing factors in these incidents.

 One of the project’s aspects involves reducing lanes from two to one as the interstate merges, demanding vigilant attention and safe merging practices from all drivers. The New Mexico State Police urges road users to exercise patience and adhere to safe merging protocols, ensuring the safety of themselves and others on the road.

 The New Mexico State Police remains committed to enforcing traffic laws across New Mexico’s roadways. All drivers should understand there is a shared responsibility for roadway safety. The New Mexico State Police reminds motorists to follow the posted speed limits, remain vigilant, and have respect for the construction zones and the diligent crews working tirelessly to improve road conditions.