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Statewide, NM- The New Mexico State Police has a new way to explore employment opportunities as it launches phase 2 of its recruiting website. The website, allows those who are interested in becoming a New Mexico State Police officer to see what the state’s elite law enforcement agency has to offer.

The newly improved website offers an interface that provides prospective candidates with comprehensive information about the various roles, responsibilities, and benefits of our agency. The New Mexico State Police takes pride in being more than a typical law enforcement body. The updated website now offers individual bureau pages, which provide a closer look at the different career paths officers can step into after completing two years of service with the New Mexico State Police. 

Through the new layout of the website, New Mexico State Police also aims to highlight the diverse opportunities our agency offers. NMSP has a wealth of options to choose from. This new website spotlights career opportunities that extend beyond traditional law enforcement roles.

The goal of this new website is to better inform the public and potential applicants about the distinct career paths that are available within the New Mexico State Police.