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Written by Lieutenant Mark Soriano 02/05/2022

Statewide- On May 18, 2021, in an effort to disrupt a drug trafficking organization, the Region III Drug Task Force which is comprised of city, state, and county law enforcement agencies assisted the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with executing a search warrant at H & A Automotive in Espanola, New Mexico. For inquiries regarding the search warrant, please contact the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

As officers conducted a security sweep of the curtilage, they located a small white bus that was parked outside on the property to be searched. Officers observed movement inside a small white bus. An officer with the Taos Police Department and deputy with the Taos County Sheriff’s Office made entry into the bus in an attempt to secure the vehicle and determine if any suspects of the investigation were inside.

After clearing the bus, the Taos Police officer approached a New Mexico State Police sergeant and advised that he was involved in a use of force incident when he made entry into the bus. The State Police sergeant made contact with the occupants of the bus and advised them of the reason law enforcement was there. The State Police sergeant instructed the officer to contact his respective chain of command at the Taos Police Department which is normal practice.

As part of an agreement, all complaints of officer misconduct and use of force incidents by a Region III Drug Task Force officer are investigated by their respective law enforcement agency.

For inquiries about any administrative investigation conducted regarding the officer involved in the interaction which led to a use of force, please contact the Taos Police Department.

The New Mexico State Police holds our officers to a high level of professionalism.

New Mexico State Police officers present at the scene were not involved in any use of force or misconduct during the investigation.