UDPATE: OIS Involving Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office in Tesuque

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Written by Officer Dusty Francisco 07/27/2021


This update identifies the deputy involved and additional details that led up to the shooting.


Tesuque, NM – On July 7, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was requested to investigate an officer involved shooting in Tesuque, NM involving the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office (SFCSO).


Investigators learned that at approximately 7:59 a.m., SFCSO responded to a domestic between a male and female at #1 Entrada Capulin in Tesuque. Upon arrival, a SFCSO deputy met with a family member who told the Deputy a female was being stabbed by the male, later identified as Edward Daniel Santana (45) of Santa Fe.

As SFCSO deputies approached the residence, they observed the female, later identified as Delia Cervantes (67) of Tesuque, lying on a patio bench outside of the residence. Deputies carried Cervantes to safe location near Bishops Lodge Road where emergency medical personnel rendered aid. Shortly after, a New Mexico State Police officer arrived on scene to assist. The State Police officer and deputies observed Santana standing on the patio covered in blood, stabbing himself in neck with glass from a broken bottle. Santana walked in and out of the residence before he began to walk down the driveway aggressively towards the officers. Officers attempted to talk to Santana from a safe distance. Santana picked up a wooden fence post off the ground, walked towards the officers while yelling, “just kill me” and other vulgar obscenities. Officers gave numerous verbal commands to Santana to drop the fence post, which he ignored. Santana continued to walk aggressively towards the officers while bleeding profusely from his neck and continuing to hold the fence post. Santana made gestures with the fence post towards the officer to strike them. Santana raised the wooden fence post over his head in a striking motion and lunged towards a SFCSO deputy. A SFCSO deputy deployed his department issued taser, but it was ineffective. Santana continued towards the deputies with the fence post and at that time, SFCSO Deputy Patrick Ficke discharged his department issued firearm towards Santana at least once, striking him. Santana fell to the ground and attempted to get back up when a SFCSO deputy discharged his department issued taser a second time.

Officers immediately rendered aid to Santana. Santana succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased on scene by the Office of Medical Investigator. Cervantes was transported by emergency medical personnel to an area hospital in Santa Fe, NM, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

Deputy Patrick Ficke has been employed with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office for approximately 10 months with 10 years prior law enforcement experience with Albuquerque Police Department and 2 years prior with Bosque Farms Police Department. For information regarding the initial call and administrative inquiries regarding the deputy, please contact SCSO. Upon completion of the State Police investigation this case will be forwarded to an assigned District Attorney’s office for review.