New Mexico State Police Conducts Operation to Curb Illegal Street Racing in Albuquerque

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Written by Officer Ray Wilson 03/10/2021


Albuquerque, NM – On Sunday, March 7th, 2021 just after midnight nearly a dozen New Mexico State Police officers launched a surprise operation dubbed “Stop the Race” on a group of illegal street racers and spectators near Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta Park.

New Mexico State Police’s helicopter, ABLE 7, spotted around 100 vehicles and spectators participating in illegal street racing near Washington Street and Alameda Boulevard. This area was selected for the targeted operation based on citizens’ complaints as well as the officer’s observations and previous encounters.

Thanks to the thorough preplanning by the officers involved, the operation, which caught drag racers and spectators off-guard was a success. No instances of use of force were reported, and the swift actions of the officers prevented any pursuits from occurring. In all, 90 citations were issued to drivers and spectators at the illegal street racing event.


“The success of this operation is the direct result of my officers thinking outside the box”, said Robert Thornton, Chief of the New Mexico State Police. “Drag racing and illegal street racing has been a constant issue in the metro area and I’m proud of my officers for taking the initiative to protect the safety of our citizens.”


The public can expect to see future operations designed to keep citizens and bystanders safe from the potentially deadly results of illegal street racing. NMSP reminds citizens that not only is it illegal to race motor vehicles on public roads, but it is also illegal to be a spectator at an illegal street racing event.